Build your Chatbot in a Collaborative Workshop Framework, “Write-a-thon”

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  • g0v summit 2020 工作人員

    ご応募くありがとうございます!ワークショップで Code for Cat について台湾の皆さんにもっと詳しく紹介したらいいな個人的に思っています(ネゴ派が多いですので)

  • \cod for cat/ \code for japan/ 希望聽到日本這樣的專案經驗, 期待有更多交流

  • g0v summit 2020 工作人員

    Hi, Would you kindly specify the suggested number of participants for this workshop? Do some of them need to bring their computers? What is the software license of QnA Maker by the way? Thanks a lot~

  • Hi, Thank you very much for your comments and questions. The capacity of the workshop is very flexible, and can accommodate a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 60 people. All you need is bring your smart phone to participate. Your computer might be useful, but not necessary. You don't need any knowledge or programming skills to create a chatbot in this workshop. Bring your excitement. You'll learn the power of collaboration and prototyping.
    We are planning to use QnA Maker in Azure, but the participants don't need to prepare the Azure accounts.

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