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    Hi, Would you kindly provide a full list of the panelists for this cool session? Thanks a lot!

  • I am calling out to people in the GOSH and other networks atm. Stay tuned!
    Any ideas how to change the interface here to english for my personal account?

    Here again the full text from the proposal:
    *"For more than a decade Hackteria has connected artists, researchers, activists, educators and hackers to cooperate on developing access to tools for the life sciences, creative and critical uses of biotechnology, co-organizing meetings and promoting an open culture of sharing and documenting our works. We have established a wiki documentation platform featuring more than 100 projects on how to set-up a simple biologicial laboratory for artists and designers, instructions on how to build DIY (do it yourself) science equipment in low-resource environments and research on environemtal issues, trans-hack-feminist approaches to biotech, educational material and workshop methodologies for youth and much more.

    We have collaborated on the organisation of global gatherings in Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, India, China, Japan and Indonesia, under the name HackteriaLab and now have started a new open science laboratory for biologicial experimentation in Zürich as part of a newly established hackerspace collective "Bitwäscherei".

    Furthermore we have co-initiated the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) together with many groups from all over the world, promoting the use of open hardware to enable a new kind of open science, inclusive, accessible and equitable.

    For this panel we want to bring together some of our long term collaborators from the Hackteria and GOSH networks to have an open discussion together with our local Taiwanese network."*


  • g0v summit 2020 工作人員

    @dusjagr Click on your avatar at the top right corner of the page, and look for the cog icon in the menu
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    This will bring you to your profile page. Click on the dropdown menu highlighted below and there the language menu is
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    Finally click on the blue button at the bottom of the page (it says 'save changes')
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    Does this work?

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